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IF Technology 让智能家居产品真正为用户服务。做最复杂的工作,为用户提供最简单的解决方案。

About IF Technology

Do the most complicated work and provide the simplest solutions to users

While various smart home brands are launching their own products, corresponding APPs have also come out one after another. As a result, users have to install several or even dozens of different APPs in their mobile phones, and users often cannot distinguish which APP can control which device during use. However, there is no compatibility and intercommunication between various APPs, which brings great inconvenience to users. In order to solve the problems of customers, we will uphold the concept of win-win cooperation and continue to invite more brands and products to join our APP service, thereby simplifying user operations and improving user hardware and software experience.

Let smart home products truly serve users, rather than just show off

With the gradual deepening of home automation, the complexity of software and hardware design has discouraged most users. We strive to be the translator between smart home and users, make smart home products closer to people’s life, and become a service provider of safe and comfortable home life experience.


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