ECOSPIRT 正在用可重复使用、可生物降解、基于自然的产品取代所有塑料产品。 让人们生活得更健康,让我们的世界尽可能自然。


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CHANGE from fashion to nature!

ECOSPIRT is a social enterprise addressing one of the world’s biggest challenges – plastic pollution.

We’re replacing all plastic products with reusable, ethical, sustainable plant, biodegradable, nature-based products. Our goal is to make people living healthy, make our world as natural as it should be.  

Can you believe that news said estimated by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.  We won’t let it happen, every little sustainable living efforts matter.

We are all about reducing single-use plastics entering our natural environments and oceans by The 5 R’s Of Zero Waste living. We invest over a USD10million in manufacturers to produce more natural products in a different areas of the world since 2018,to support the factory running, we work with different distributors, if you see the same products in different shops, 99% are from our factories, that means making all our products accessible and affordable for everyone. So we will continue long term to invest more factories and create more sustainable products if you have any good concept product, we also can help you to do production in our factory with very competitive price.

We welcome all kinds of suggestions/innovations to us by email:, let’s work together to change from Fashion to Nature!

I want to acknowledge all our customers that keep supporting us during the 3 years, thanks to the re-usability of ECOSPIRIT products, I guarantee you’ll find yourself spending the same or less on our products when compared to planet-harming plastic ones. Every small effort will achieve a big change to our planet.

We will carry on with ECOSPRIT and produce more natural products, for our future, family, our children, and our Planet. 


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